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Well this is my first attempt at a website with the Apple Mac I got a couple of years ago. I would really welcome your thoughts on the site - so please check out my FEEDBACK Page.  Unfortunately I’m about to lose this commenting page on 1st October 2012 - so please bear with me whilst I find a replacement service.

As well as a little bit of personal family stuff, I thought I’d share a few of my petrophysical presentations.  Now I realise that doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but for those people looking to understand what it is that a petrophysicist does and how they do it - hopefully they might find a few answers here.

Check out my Introduction to Petrophysics on the PRESENTATIONS Page.  The movie is aimed at non-experts to give you an overview of the science and its application.  If you are a school kid wondering “What’s the point of knowing the difference between a neutron and a gamma ray?”  or if you’re an accountant who wants to know how can we possibly tell how much oil there is in reservoirs thousands of feet below the earth’s surface? - then this movie’s for you.

I’ve added a presentation on the links between Capillary Pressure results and inflow performance.   There is a graphical explanation of the Archie equation - one of the cornerstones of our Discipline - and a presentation on the Residual Oil left behind in our reservoirs.

And at last I’m finally presenting my Flow-Conditioned Permeability movies.  They are a bit more advanced than the Intro presentations and should be of interest to practising petroleum engineers and geoscientists who have to predict how much oil our reservoirs can produce each day - perhaps it’ll give them some food for thought.


Welcome to my Website

Above, my colleague Richard Fairbairn and I work through some technical issues.  Then Richard shows my eldest son Glenn around a wireline log print during his School Work Experience.  Then, warmer climes, me in Utah and hard at work in my old office in Oman

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